Ways of Improving the Performance of Your Car

Nowadays, vehicles are developed to meet fuel-economy and emission standards, and it is not impossible to improve over factory designs. Most cars compromise corporate and accessibility requirements, we found simple bolt-on components that improve the performance of your vehicle without permanent modifications.

  • Wider Wheelsxsb011_image4_large

The advantages of a wider tire is an improved road holding, braking, and accurate turn-in. The extra weight though could overwhelm springs and shock damping so that you may experience reduced loose surface tracking stability.

  • High-Performance Shocks/Springs

When you have high-performance shocks/springs, your tires stay in contact with the road even on bumps and at high speeds. These shocks ensure that you have an efficient car, with a smooth driving experience.

  • Large Anti-Roll Bars

With large anti-roll bars, your vehicle is kept on a level with the road, hence maximizing tire contact patch. You may notice that bumps on one side get transferred to the other, which makes your ride rougher.

  • Adjustable Top Strut Mounts and Chassis Braces

These parts offer excellent alignment range allowing better fine-tuning and road-holding. The disadvantage is that more noise from the road gets through the vehicle body. Together with lowered springs and wider tires, it is a good way of fine-tuning your alignment for improved cornering by fixing adjustable top strut mounts.

  • Stiffer Motor Mounts

Stiffer mount helps you by enhancing engine response and accuracy. You will although experience more vibrations and engine noise. So you should try to balance unwanted engine movement versus vibrations.

  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines

When you install stainless steel braided brake lines, you will have faster brake response and less chance of rupturing lines. Using these braided brake lines ensures that more of the pressure applied on the pedal gets transferred to the brake caliper than when using rubber brake lines.

  • Bigger Diameter Catalyst Back Exhaust

Bigger diameter catalyst exhaust will offer you a more efficient high-speed engine processes. By installing a reflective sound cancellation system, it reduces noise produced.