Tips to Buying the Best Battery for Your Car

Don’t wait until your car doe23-111859-dealing_with_a_dead_car_batterysn’t start anymore to buy a new battery. Most likely, you will have to replace your car battery once or twice during its useful life; it could either be due to being too old or just wears out. A dead battery can be frustrating, especially when you are forced to wait by the roadside for long hours to get assistance. We have the best buying tips to ensure that you find a battery that best suits your car. Below are the tips;

  • Be Proactive

You must always be attentive to maintenance needs of your battery when replacement time approaches to ensure that the choice of replacement is on your terms, this could be through thorough researching.

  • Test Batteries Annually

Though nearly all car batteries today are maintenance free, we recommend that you have your battery manually checked by a mechanic annually once it gets two years old for those who live in warmer climates, or four years old for those in colder climates.

  • Should Fit Your Car Driving Needs

When it is time to get a replacement, make sure that you get the right size and type for your vehicle. We advise that you check the owner’s manual before shopping so that you know the best battery for your car.

  • Ensure it’s a Fresh Battery

Most cells lose strength over time, even those that are kept in storage. For maximum performance, buy one that is not older than six months. Most of them have a shipping code labeled on the case. Some may use letters to stand for months such as A for January and a number like 6 to represent the year 2016; others may use numeric dates.

  • Compare Warranties

Selecting a battery with the longest replacement time available is wise. Battery warranties are measured in two numbers: a free replacement term and prorated period, which only allows partial reimbursement. The code could be 24/84; this indicates a 24 month free replacement period and 84 months of prorated warranty.