Signs That Your Car Needs Service

The ability to tell if your car has a serious problem and needs immediate service will save you time and money. It is an added advantage when you know some of the warning signs your car shows, below is a list of signs that when seen should capture your immediate attention;0a69ba173871d275b7d0470b63b685f8x

  • Flash Checking Engine Light

This one is a major sign that something is wrong with the several systems that your car computer keeps monitoring. A typically illuminated check engine light should not cause panic, but it is an indicator that your engine needs to be checked sooner. When the little light on the dashboard resembling an engine like symbol (it’s often red or yellow) keeps flashing, this means you need a quick engine check. There could be a problem with the emissions system that can damage the catalytic converter if you drive without repairing the vehicle. If you also notice something running differently than usually, get assistance right away.

  • Smoke Coming from Under the Hood

Any vehicle should not emit smoke from under the hood at all. The noise indicates that there is an overheating problem, which could badly damage your engine if you keep driving like that. Always keep an eye on the temperature gauge displayed on the dash and ensure it does not keep going up. If it does while driving, pull over and let the engine cool down first and do not wait, get assistance.

  • Excessive Smoke from the Exhaust

If this happens, it indicates that you have an oil leak and there could also be a burning smell. During the period of changing to cold winter, you may see white smoke at first start. This is a typical reaction to water vapor coming out of the exhaust system and subsidies when engine temperatures rise. But when driving and you notice excessive smoke from the exhaust or when to check the bumper near the exhaust pipe and see black residue, visit a mechanic immediately.