Most Commonly Replaced Car Parts

Which auto parts are commonly replaced? Components wear out due to the tremendous forces created in the combustion engine and by the speeding. Vehicle parts wear out at different rates, and that depends on external factors such as the environment that could cause a shorter lifespan. So you should consider having a calendar to ensure proper car maintenance without skipping important dates. Our list below goes through the most prone parts and may need replacements.

  • Fuel Filterwhere-is-the-fuel-filter-located-on-my-car_8fe4968d-0087-4826-b499-82a81fdeab54

This item is critical and often overlooked. Assuming you own a fuel-injected vehicle, the fuel filter is always working when you turn on the ignition, and the fuel pump is running, it helps in preventing impurities from clogging the injectors. So after a period, replacement is required. Its location varies with cars, beneath the hood, inside the fuel tank or undercarriage. It is advisable that you replace it every 24,000 miles or 2 years.

  • Air Filter

It is often out of mind, and the air filter deserves your attention. The air flowing through the engine and airflow sensor has to be free from contaminates, and that’s the air filters job. Always be aware of manufacture’s recommendation for replacing PCV valve and oxygen sensor, if your car has them. You should change the air filter at every 12,000 miles.

  • Power Steering Fluid

You should give proper consideration to the steering fluid if you want to keep the steering consistent. Checks can be done by a glance at the dipstick inside it. Make sure that you only add fluid that is recommended by the manufacturer and talk to a technician when you feel resistance when you turn the wheels or if the fluid drops considerably. Keep inspecting the level of the fluid with every engine oil change, top it as required.

  • Brake Pads

As you drive, you always have to break which eventually wears down the brake pads. You will need to replace the brake pads once every 60,000 miles.