Diagnosing Common Car Problems

Bumps, noise, and shakes, then you wonder what is wrong with your car. Just like us, automobiles sometimes encounter hiccups and need a bit of check and repairs to get back to normal. So, no need for you to panic when the recently acquired vehicle starts acting strangely suddenly. Below are some common car failures, and how to sort out.

  • Uneven Tire Wearavoid-carprobs

It is obvious that when driving your car’s tire’s get unevenly worn, but this reduces the grip on the road which is dangerous. From a quick check, you will tell that your tires are unevenly worn. You jack up the car and inspect each tire, looking for any bald spots on either inside or outside the tire, or if there are any dents and dips in the tire tread. You can fix this by rotating and having your wheels aligned frequently. The number of times to rotate your tires depends on the car you own, check with the manufacturer for further guidance. Keep in mind that the more regular you rotate your tires, the more even the wear. You should also check them for alignment and balance often.

  • Problems When Starting the Engine

At some point, your car may take a lot of time to start, or cannot start at all. A car engine can fail to start for different reasons, the common being a dead battery. Listen to the noise it makes when you turn it on, and if there is complete silence, a problem with terminal connections exists.

  • Air Conditioner Failure

The air conditioner switches on, but it just blows room temperature air rather than cold fresh air. The most likely reason is the lack of refrigerant in your system. It could be due to a leak somewhere in the car system; it should be fixed before refilling the coolant. You can easily do it if you’re car-savvy by refilling it with a set of air conditioning gauges.